Adopting An Older Cat

Adopt Old Cats – They Are Loving Too

So the Christmas festivities are over and everyone has started feeling the January blues. Unfortunately for many cats out there at this time of the year they have found themselves dumped into cat rescue centres, unwanted and alone. Lots of people still buy kittens as Christmas presents and after a few weeks realise how much responsibility they are and dump them onto overcrowded rescue centres without a second thought.

The good news is that kittens find homes quickly in rescue centres as they are cute and cuddly and people are drawn to these little balls of fur. Unfortunately this means that old cats are often overlooked and can spend months waiting for that special home.

Many people do not realise how much love these older cats provide, and how much fun older cats can be. They are less likely to bring you little presents and are more likely to want to snuggle up and cuddle you on the sofa. Old cats are less demanding for outside time whilst we are busy at work or away for the day meaning they settle much better. The extra experience these cats come with mean they are more street smart and overall much wiser to the outside world, which in turn helps keep them safer from everyday encounters.

Don’t Most Old Cats Have Medical Conditions?

People also have the preconception that older cats have pre-existing medical conditions which may discourage many from viewing or adopting older cats, however many older cats are healthy and have many happy years left to live. It is also important to note that cats with medical conditions are often easy to deal with, as usually they only require a medicated diet and/or administration of a tablet daily.

Thinking about adopting an older cat?

If you wish to re-home an older cat but are worried about any pre-existing medical conditions they may have it is important to speak to someone here at Catcuddles who will be able to tell you exactly what care each cat requires helping you to decide which cat is best suited for the home and care you are able to offer.

All any cat wants is someone to love and care for them, so if you think you can offer a cat a loving home for the New Year then please contact us here at Catcuddles cat sanctuary we would love to hear from you.

Have you already adopted an older cat? What made you adopt an older cat over a kitten? Do older cats give the best cuddles? Share your experiences and stories below.

Article written by Rebecca Hannant

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14 Responses to Adopting An Older Cat

  1. Emma says:

    After adopting older cats Mollie(7) and Chloe (6) I can agree that it was the best option for us. We, like most young couples wanted a cute kitten as they are gorgeous and I had a kitten growing up and its a nice thought to bring up a kitten, but with work commitments I didnt feel it was fair on a kitten and cat cuddles agreed that older cats would be better all round.Mollie & Chloe are mature cats who know how to use the litter tray, get on well, behave and seem so grateful to have a loving home. They have the option of going outside but don’t mind chilling with us in front of the fire. My previous cat polo lived until she was 19 and got more and more loving and special with age so I hope the same will be true for my youngish beauties! I am pleased I have given older cats home as they are more in need than kittens.

  2. Clem says:

    Older cats are very loving…I have a 15+ cat that I adopted 7years. She is the perfect cat…kittens r cute but senior are so much more grateful and fantastic companion.

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  4. KDB says:

    I would recommend adopting a mature cat. It’s easier on your furniture, as they are not enthisastic about hanging from your chairs and furniture as kittens are. You also have an idea of what their temperaments and looks are.

    I have adopted adult cats for my last five cats. The longevity record is held by the 11 year old I adopted who survived until nearly 21. She was also one of the smartest, funniest and most affectionate cats it’s been my pleasure to own.

    My present cats were adopted as adults. We have had them for over a dozen years now, and they are still going strong. With the advances in vet medicine, and basic care and good feeding there is no reason the adoption of an adult cat can’t give you pleasure for many, many years.

  5. Hi Clem, Emma and KDB,

    Thanks for all your replies, they really show people that adopting an older cat really can work! Not only that but the age ranges are great. Kitties living from rehoming until they are 19 and 21 is fantastic and I’m sure down to your great work.

    KDB you make a great point about modern medicine. As with human health care, animal health care has continually improved and I’m sure will continue to do so. This will mean more and more of us will get to spend many extra years with our beloved feline friends

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  8. Charlie Tracey says:

    I have adopted both an abandoned kitten and a golden oldy. I have to say although both are adorable and part of the family, Rusty (now 10) is just the most amazing pet. She honestly seems so happy to have a comfy bed, food and cuddles and hardly wanders off when in the garden, prefering to soak up the sun (if we’re lucky enough) and keep an eye on us. I once accidently locked her out for about 15 minutes and she looked so sad with her paws up against my french windows!

    I have to say that after adopting an older cat I would never buy a kitten. To think of Rusty (or any golden oldy) sitting in an adoption centre (as lovely as they can be) rather than on my lap breaks my heart. She is the happiest, most affectionate and friendly hairy cat I have ever seen! I have seen her with my mates children and she doesn’t bat an eye lid, good with other cats and sits on any visitors lap within about 5 seconds of them sitting down. She also sits on my boyfriends shoulder whilst he is watching TV, if he gets up to make a cuppa sometimes she will stay there like a parrott!

    We affectionatly call her beard face as she has a white patch under her chin that makes her look very wise and beardy, almost like a wizard.

    Oldies are the way forward!

  9. Hi Charlie

    Thanks for the comment. Got to love the oldies. Beard Face, what a great nickname! Please give Rusty a huge hug from everyone at Catcuddles

    Tim @ Catcuddles

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