Agatha is a tiny spit-fire with a big character. Less than a year old and very petite, she has come into the care of the charity along with four family members. The group came from a home where 12 cats in total lived, having bred until the owner could no longer cope. With so many cats in one home, Agatha and her relatives have never enjoyed much individual attention in their young lives, and so having had limited interaction with humans are all quite nervous and unsure, though ultimately friendly once you make the effort to gain their trust. 

Agatha is the boldest of this little gang despite being among the smallest, and so has taken on the role of protector. She is prone to putting herself between new people and her family and hissing, which can be intimidating, but all you need to do is produce some treats and then offer her some gentle strokes to show her you mean no harm, and it's possible to win her over. Doing this every day is gradually wearing down her defences and she's becoming a little more comfortable with people the longer she is with us.

Once Agatha has shed her uncertainty around people, we believe she will be a fantastic cat, with a big, cheeky, outgoing personality. It's just a matter of being patient and understanding with her and teaching her to trust one step at a time, and so Agatha needs an experienced, adult-only home with hands-on and sympathetic adopters. She is best suited to a home with some outside space and could adopted along with one of her family members, such as Callie.