Ani is a 16 year old senior girl who has come to Catcuddles due to her previous owners’ declining health. She’s been in the same family all her life and been much loved - she’s now in search of a retirement home where she’ll be equally loved and cared for in her golden years.

Ani is a very calm, friendly, sociable girl who enjoys exploring and watching the world go by as much as she does sleeping in sunny spots. Ani is incredibly affectionate and loves being petted or spending time near her humans.

Do not let her age fool you, Ani is very playful and spry for her age. She enjoys playing with string toys in particular.

We are looking for an indoor home for Ani, ideally with some safe outside space such as a cat proofed balcony. We can advise on cat-proofing - most balconies can easily be made cat-safe with netting.

Ani has recently seen our trusted vet and had a blood test (as all senior cats homed through us do). Some of her kidney enzymes are slightly elevated and we’ve now changed her diet to include renal food to maintain kidney health for a long time to come. This food can easily be purchased from any vet’s, pet shops or online. We would also recommend Ani has regular blood and urine tests (approx every 6 months) to monitor kidney function, however she is currently in good health for her age. Her adopter would need to be financially comfortable to cover the cost of vet care.

Ani is not a fan of other cats or dogs and needs to be the only pet in her new home.