Archibald - RESERVED

Archibald was rescued living as stray. He was unneutered and not microchipped and despite our efforts to find his owner, no one has come forward. Archibald is now looking for his new loving forever home with someone who will never abandon him.

Archibald has now been neutered and he has started his vaccination course. Our vet’s estimate he is approx 3 years old. He is in great health and a very handsome, striking, all white cat.

He is still settling into his new environment at Catcuddles. We expect he will relax further with time. He can initially be unsure of new people but if you are calm and gentle with him, he relaxes and becomes friendly.

Archibald is looking for a home with access to a garden, a catflap will be required to be fitted at the back of the property. He would prefer to be the only cat in the home.