Four year old girl Arya has a pretty black and white coat and huge yellow-green eyes. She is a real cutie! This lovely girl has been overlooked for a while and we don't understand why! 

Arya took a while to adjust to her new environment with us, but she's now gaining i in confidence every day. She's generally interested in everything that's going on around her and warms up quickly to new people. She is generally friendly but can get overstimulated and will let you know if she doesn't like something. On the other hand she loves company and is happy to be picked up and stroked even though she is not a lap cat (yet!).

Arya loves curling up on a bed or in a sunny spot for a snooze. She's still young and active, although sometimes prefers enjoying a soft bed over running around after a toy! We are sure in a forever home she would blossom and make a wonderful friend to someone.

We are looking for an adult-only (or older teenagers only, if a family) home for Arya with some safe outside access. She would best suit someone who has owned cats before and has a calm, settled home environment. Arya needs to be the only pet in the home.