Bagheera & Babushka

Siblings Bagheera & Babushka are best friends and looking for a new home together. They are 4 years old. Bagheera is a black boy, and Babushka a calico girl. Unfortunately they find themselves in search of a new home after a change of circumstances in their previous home. 

This adorable pair would make a wonderful addition to a family. They are used to living with babies and children, and both cats are very good with children. Bagheera is more sociable in general; Babushka can initially be shy with new people but friendly with those she knows. The pair are very close to each other and often curl up to sleep together, or enjoy playing and running around. 

Bagheera & Babushka are used to having outdoor access through a cat flap and they are looking for a home where they can enjoy exploring the outdoors again. A cat flap into a safe back garden is required.