Basil is a 5 year old black boy who has recently come to Catcuddles due a change of circumstances in his previous home. We are still getting to know him better as he is a new arrival.

Basil is a fairly shy boy who makes a strong bond with his human but may hide from new people in the home. He has previously lived with another cat but is quite territorial and started fighting with his companion cat. He will therefore need to be the only pet in the home, and would best suit a calm home with one or two people only. He would not enjoy living with children.

With his human, he is a very affectionate and loyal boy and enjoys human company. His ideal home would be with someone who is around a lot.

Basil enjoys going out and is looking for a home with a garden to explore, in a safe location away from busy roads. A catflap is required at the back of the property.