Bo & Belle - RESERVED

Youngsters Bo (black and white) and Belle (tabby) are under one year old and came into our care under sad, desperate circumstances, but remain very affectionate, outgoing and active young cats despite their bad start in life.

Their past is a bit of a mystery as they were dumped on an elderly woman who, due to her dementia, was unable to recall who placed them in her care or anything much about their origins. They came without so much as a litter tray and the lady struggled to care for them. A concerned neighbour contacted CatCuddles for help.

These lovely girls were shy at first but have really blossomed after a week or two in foster care, becoming playful, outgoing, and very affectionate, fond of being stroked and fussed over. Being young cats, they have plenty of energy to explore and Bo in particular is often active and seems to have keen hunting instincts. They get friendlier by the day and have the potential to become fantastic feline companions to someone. They are looking for a home together with some outdoor space to burn off that extra energy!