Beautiful 14 year old tabby & white girl Bonny is a new arrival at Catcuddles. She has come to us after her owner very sadly became unable to care for her due to ill health. Bonny lived with the same person since she was a little kitten and has been much loved all her life. Now she's looking for a new home where she will be just as loved in her senior years.

Bonny is a very characterful cat who knows her own mind. She's unsure of strangers but warms up quickly to those she decides she likes. Once bonded with her human(s), she loves nothing more than to jump onto a lap and curl up for a nap. She has also recently discovered her playful side, and for a cat her age she is quite active.

She is looking for a new, loving home where she can enjoy her retirement years in comfort. We are looking for an adult-only home for Bonny as the only pet in the home. As she is older, she would be happy in a spacious indoor home.