Two year old Bruno has a big character. He is lively, outgoing and LOVES to play - a string toy will keep him entertained for hours. He was rescued as a stray with a bad wound on his back leg (which has since healed), and like most strays, he probably had a home once but was either abandoned or lost through neglect and carelessness.

Bruno is always so happy to see our volunteers in the morning, greeting them enthusiastically and with a meow or two. He's sociable, bouncy and outgoing, increasingly so - he was a little unsure of himself and new people when he first arrived, but now he can't get enough attention.

Because of his high energy level and his sheer eagerness when someone is visiting him, he can be very full on! He's not a cat to blend into the background at all. He's a little bored in his suite at present though, and really needs the space and attention that can only be provided in a loving home - then we expect he will become far more relaxed, though a dangly-string toy will always have the power to transform him into an excitable kitten. 

Bruno is a great young cat who like so many others, was given a poor start in life. He is so eager for someone to love him, and we hope he will need not wait too long for a new home.

Watch videos of Bruno here.