Bubbles is a 9 year old tabby & white boy. He has come to Catcuddles after a change in circumstances meant his previous family was no longer able to care for him. He would love to find a new home where he can grow old being loved and cherished.

Bubbles is generally friendly and interested in his surroundings. He loves affection and head rubs but prefers to approach you on his own terms. We think Bubbles would best suit an adult only home with people who have owned cats before and understand how to respect his boundaries. Bubbles is an independent-minded cat who would be happy to snooze at home while his humans go to work, as long as he gets a full bowl of food and some head rubs after they come home.

Bubbles is used to having outdoor access in a safe location and can use a catflap, although he mostly prefers staying indoors. He needs a home where he will be the only pet.