Caraway - RESERVED

Six month old Caraway was discovered along with his siblings living in a garden.

Like many cats who are born without a home, he was initially very scared and unsure of people, and so had to be gradually taught by his foster carer that humans are not a threat. Though he's still a shy boy, he now enjoys fuss, gentle strokes and play time with people. He is a very sweet, gentle cat.

Earning his trust is a gradual process and requires a bit of patience, but is well worth it - the more he gets to know someone, the more confident and comfortable he becomes. 

Caraway is great with other cats and could be adopted with his sister Saffron, or as a companion to an existing cat. He is very loving towards other felines, often grooming and cleaning his sister and sleeping with her, which is a testament to his gentle nature.

He will need some safe outside space in his new home, which will need to be adult-only.