Carmichael - RESERVED

Carmichael is an approx 8 year old boy who is FIV positive. 

He was originally owned but left behind by previous owners, and then taken in by someone who took good care of him but whose circumstances have now changed and he is therefore at Catcuddles looking for his new forever home. His days of living as stray are a distant memory and a more comfortable future awaits. 

Carmichael is shy with new people but very affectionate with those he knows. He settled in at his Catcuddles foster home within a few days and is now a very soppy, affectionate boy who absolutely loves a fuss and human company. He would love a home where someone is around a lot to keep him company. 

We think Carmichael would best suit a fairly calm adult only home where he could enjoy his senior years in utter comfort being loved and spoiled.

He definitely prefers the company of people to that of other cats and is therefore looking for a home as the only pet. We home FIV+ cats to spacious indoor homes, or homes with some secure outdoors access such as a large balcony, terrace or cat proofed garden. 

We have more information about FIV+ cats on our website here: