Cassius was left behind when his previous owner moved away, and had to fend for himself living outdoors until he was rescued by Catcuddles. He is approx 2 1/2 years old. He has been overlooked for a while but we are sure the right person for him is going to love having Cassius as a new friend.

Cassius is a very active and energetic boy who loves playing and exploring the outdoors. He can occasionally nip if he is frustrated or cornered, but an experienced adopter would quickly learn to read the signs and avoid these situations. On the other hand Cassius also really enjoys affection and human company. He is looking for an experienced owner who knows how to respect his boundaries and can provide a stimulating environment so he doesn’t get bored and frustrated. He needs an adult-only home.

Cassius is looking for a home with outdoor access in a safe location. He would ideally prefer a large network of gardens to explore - a mid terrace house or a cul de sac location away from busy roads would be best. He could live with another playful cat as long as they are not too dominant.