Charlie & Marmalade

16 year old girls Charlie (white and ginger) and Marmalade (tortie) are looking for an understanding and big-hearted adopter willing to help restore them to health and happiness.

They both recently arrived in very poor condition and though they have now had extensive vet care and are on the road to recovery, they really need the loving and nurturing environment of a home to find their strength again and gain some much needed weight. They need an adopter willing to transform their lives.

Marmalade is very purry and sweet with huge green eyes, and a habit of sitting with her tongue poking out. She likes having her chin scratched and her ears tickled, and absolutely loves to eat, which of course she needs to be doing lots of! She is thin because she arrived with untreated renal disease, very common in older cats, which is now being controlled with daily medication and special renal food - easily purchased online, from a vet or at Pets At Home.

Charlie's appearance may be shocking to some, but in reality her strange haircut is a sign of better health; it's from a recent operation to remove her Thyroid gland, which was overactive and had gone untreated for for too long. She too, is far too skinny and has a ravenous appetite, which we oblige at every opportunity, as we work on fattening her up. But despite her poor condition, she's actually a very vivacious girl, with lots of spark - she often climbs the mesh walls of her suite like a monkey, horrifying our volunteers who just want to swaddle her in blankets and cuddles! She doesn't seem to feel sorry for herself at all, is very curious and interested in everything, and her favourite place in the world is on a comfy bed placed next to a window, so that she can gaze at the world turning outside. She's friendly, gentle and entertaining.

Food, comfort, warmth and fuss; this what these two need to thrive. They should never have been allowed to get into such a poor condition at their senior age, but though we can't change the past, we can fill their remaining years with love and happiness. All we need to do is find the right adopter; someone kind, big-hearted and amazing.