Cleopatra & Kaiko

Cleopatra (Tortie, female) and Kaiko (black, male) are very beautiful and friendly cats who've just arrived at CatCuddles. They've been much loved throughout their young lives but have found themselves in need of a new home after their owner left the country.

At 1.5 years old, these two are youngsters. Kaiko is shyer than his sister, who in typical tortoiseshell style is fairly confident and also quite chatty. It can take Kaiko a couple of days to come out of his shell with a new person, but when he does he's gentle and sweet. These are basically a pair of friendly, sociable cats who are inquisitive and curious about the world, and eager for their new lives to start. Because of their young age, they're fairly active and so would love a home with a garden, and would ideally like to be adopted together

Since Cleopatra and Kaiko are new arrivals, we will have more information on them in the coming weeks.