5 year old Coco has huge, amber eyes and a gentle temperament. She is looking for a special, understanding home as she has diabetes, which will need to be managed with a combination of insulin and specialised diet.

Coco is a little on the shy side, but once she has gotten know someone she's an absolute sweetheart - friendly, gentle, sociable and very affectionate. She's impossible not to love.

She is so good-natured that she has been exposed to babies and children in the past and has reacted well to them, providing they are kind and respectful towards her, and not too noisy.

Once Coco is feeling comfortable and confident around someone, there's nothing she likes better than snuggling next to them on the sofa, enjoying some strokes. She also likes exploring the outdoors and will need a safe garden in her new home, away from busy roads as she's used to living in a quiet street.

Coco has only recently been diagnosed with diabetes, so we are assessing whether her condition can be managed with diet only, or whether she will need to have twice daily insulin injections. Her adopter will need to be prepared to administer these to her if necessary, and we can provide a full tutorial on how to do this at adoption, as well as plenty of info about feline diabetes and support throughout Coco's lifetime. Being so young, it's very possible that with proper management, her diabetes will go into remission. We know her condition will be daunting to many, but we hope there is a wonderful and dedicated person out there willing to give her what she needs.