Florrie is approx 5 years old. She came to Catcuddles in search of a new home as she wasn’t happy living with the toddler in her previous home and needs a calm, adult only home. 

Florrie is shy with new people but is a sweet, gentle cat underneath her shy shell. She enjoys affection and fuss from people she trusts and will seek her fosterer out for cuddles, and often follows her around from room to room.

We expect she would form a special bond with a patient and calm adopter who lets timid Florrie settle in at her own pace. She may never become a lapcat but she is a lovely, sweet girl who would make a wonderful friend to someone happy to put Florrie’s needs first.

Florrie likes having a high vantage point so she can look out of the window or keep an eye on what is going on at home. She loved exploring the outdoors in her previous home and would love to have a big garden in her new home. She is also a playful cat and especially loves catnip toys, and anything small she can bat around the room or carry around.

We are looking for an adult only home for Florrie. She will need to have outdoor access through a catflap, ideally into a network of safe back gardens.