Florrie & Biggles

Florrie & Biggles are approx 5 year old tuxedo siblings. They've come to Catcuddles in search of a new home as they have not adjusted to living with the toddler in their previous home and need a calm, adult only home. 

This pair is shy with new people but both are sweet, gentle cats. Florrie is the more shy of the pair - she likes affection and fuss on her own terms only, and will otherwise keep her distance. Her brother, Biggles, is very affectionate with people he knows and trusts and can't get enough of snuggles and rubs.

They have both loved exploring the outdoors in their previous home. They are also playful cats and especially love their catnip toys.

We are looking for an adult only home for Florrie & Biggles as a pair, and they will need to have outdoor access through a catflap, ideally into a network of safe back gardens.