Sweet chocolate coloured Furiosa is approximately 14 years old and came to us under the saddest of circumstances. 

She was dumped on a door step in a cat carrier, wrapped in black sacks, and was not discovered for 12 hours. 

When volunteers got to her she was terrified and traumatised, not letting anyone near her; this is when she was given the name Furiosa, but thankfully, it no longer suits her at all. 

Having recovered from her terrible ordeal, she is now lovely and friendly, with a funny screechy meow which she uses often! She is almost completely deaf but it does not bother her in the least - it just means nothing disturbs her long naps, which oddly she has been known to take in the bathroom sink. She likes to wind around legs and rub her face frantically against anything resembling a corner, purring like mad, and enjoys being stroked from head to tail. She would be completely happy in both indoor-only homes and those with gardens.

In addition to healing psychologically, Furiosa has also began a physical recovery, gaining weight and strength as she was in very poor health when the charity found her. She does have one ongoing issue in the form of renal disease, which is quite common among older cats, and is managed with daily medication and special 'renal' food, which can be found easily online, at Pets at Home or most vets. 

We can't change how Furiosa's story has began, but we can ensure that the rest of her days are full of love, comfort and if she so desires, naps in the sink. She