5 year old Ging is a loving and good-natured Tom who was rescued from the streets. 

He is an all round lovely cat, friendly and playful, tolerant of children and laid back aside from the occasional 'mad half hour', when he is overtaken by the sudden urge to zoom around the house! 

He loves playing with balls and dangly cat toys, especially when his human companions join in the game and play with him. He also has a big appetite and a special fondness for catnip, but then what cat doesn't?

Ging loves being stroked and getting attention, and though he can be initially shy with new people it's not too difficult to gain his trust by treating him with kindness and offering him a hand to sniff.

He prefers humans to other cats, and so would ideally be the only cat in his new home. He'd also enjoy having a garden to explore, but he is never gone too long before returning for a bit of attention and a nap in a comfy spot - usually whilst stretched out on his back with his fluffy belly on show.