Ginger & Taz

Meet Taz (female) and Ginger (male), two six month old siblings who could be homed either separately or as a pair. They're both looking for adult-only homes with some safe outside space.

These two youngsters were born in a garden to a stray mother, and did not get any human contact in their first weeks of life. As a result they were both initially very shy, and have had to learn to trust humans very gradually, through persistent affection and attention from volunteers. Ginger has gained confidence faster than his sister, and whilst he's timid around people at first his trust can be gained quite quickly. He purrs very readily when stroked or handled, though he still startles fairly easily, and is overall a very gentle, sweet cat - a total push over. This temperament makes him fantastic with other cats - he loves them and makes feline friends very quickly. Ideally he would be homed as a companion to another cat, or with his sister.

Taz still remains very shy and unsure of people, and just needs lots of daily one-on-one contact, play time, and general persistent love and affection to build her confidence and comfort around people. Time and time again we have seen kittens like Taz transform once in the care of dedicated and passionate people - it doesn't happen over night, but it's well worth the work; after all, her shyness is the result of a human failing her very early in life. The right adopter can't change her past, but they can give her a hopeful future.