Giselle - RESERVED

Giselle is a beautiful, friendly cat, a striking long-haired tabby who is chatty, confident and affectionate. We believe she is approximately two years old, and discovered her heavily pregnant and living on the streets.

Rescued just in time to give birth in the warmth and safety of a foster home, she has been a loving and attentive mother to her kittens, but as they become more independent and mature she will soon be in need of a loving forever home herself - someone to watch over her as she has watched over her babies. She can start receiving visitors right away, but will be ready to go to her new home in early November.

When Giselle first arrived in foster care, she wasn't at all worried by her change in surroundings, or intimidated by all the new people around her. She was friendly and loving from the offset, exploring, playing and enjoying lots of strokes. She would be great for a first time cat owner, as she is so confident and adaptable, but will need plenty of attention and fuss - she likes to be included in things and doesn't blend into the background well. Being so young, she loves to play and wrestle with toys, and she's also happy to be picked up and to have her beautiful long fur brushed. She's looking for a home with some safe outside space.