One year old Hope’s story is among the most horrific we have ever heard.

Hope lived as a friendly young stray on the streets of Greece, seeking out affection and food from passers-by. But not all showed him kindness, and one day local children took advantage of his trusting nature, subjecting him to the most heinous and appalling cruelty; they tied a rope around his neck and took pleasure in dragging him by it and repeatedly throwing him against a tree. 

Hope’s Greek rescuers worked hard to restore both his health and trust in people, though he has been left with some permanent damage as a result of his ordeal; partial vision in one eye, and a permanent wobbly gait caused by mild brain damage. He has been flown to the UK, to CatCuddles, as it was felt his chances of adoption are greater here than in his native country.

Despite the cruelty inflicted on him, he is not timid in the slightest; he has a big, bold personality, and is ever rambunctious, lively and eager for attention, not a cat to blend into the background. He is extremely hungry for attention and so needs adopters who are home often, and able to meet his needs of lots of company throughout the day.

Though we cannot change the horrific manner in which his life began, we are determined to fill Hope's future with happiness and kindness.