6 year old Jonty is a big, distinguished looking chap, with huge whiskers and salt-and-pepper fur. Discovered living as a stray, he is a bouncy, friendly, outgoing boy who's initial adoption sadly fell through. He enjoys having his head, ears and chin scratched very much and can be very forthright in demanding strokes! He also likes dangly toys, swatting wildly at them with his white-gloved paws, but his energetic moments are as frequent as his sleepy ones; he likes sprawl out in in comfy spots. Because he's so big and chunky, he looks a little like a teddy bear, and is very much loved by the CatCuddles volunteer team.

Jonty has FIV, or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. This diagnosis has come with a great deal of stigma in the past, even among vets, but it is not as many mistakenly believe a death sentence, nor is it easily spread. FIV can be passed onto other cats only through severe, deep bites, and FIV cats can live long, comfortable lives, with the condition simply making them more susceptible to certain viruses. To avoid these risks to his health Jonty is in need of a spacious indoor home, ideally with a balcony or terrace, or a home with a cat-proofed garden. Read more about FIV and the myths surrounding it here.

Jonty has a character as big as his whiskers and is sociable, outgoing and human-orientated. We hope his condition will not prevent him from brightening up someone's home and life. 

Watch videos of Jonty.