Ketu’s story is particularly sad although not unusual for an unneutered male cat lost or abandoned. Ketu was living as a stray in back gardens and on the streets; we believe he once had a home but had been stray for most of his life, fending for himself. When we first rescued him, he was in a very bad condition, and understandably very shy of humans. He is approximately 12 years old, and has of course now been neutered. 

It has taken months of patience and care from our vet’s and most importantly Ketu’s dedicated foster carer to nurse him back to health, and teach him to trust humans again. He has recently really come out of his shell, starting to enjoy fuss and cuddles and all the home comforts available. Being an older cat he mostly enjoys snoozing in a warm bed, but will also occasionally engage in play.

We are looking for an indoor home for Ketu with an experienced owner, and think he would be best suited to be the only pet in the home. He needs an adult only home where he can enjoy his senior years in comfort and peace, and most importantly getting all the love and care he missed for so long, never again having to be out in the cold all alone. Gaining his trust will require some patience but the process will be extremely rewarding for the adopter willing to open their heart and home to Ketu.