11 year old KitKat is a big black girl who's canine teeth can often be seen peeking out, giving her a vampyric look. She has a personality as big as her appetite. 

She has come into the care of the charity along with four of her family members - Hewie, George, Sweety and Molly - as sadly, their owner lost her home. It's safe to say that she's the leader of this little clan; she's the boldest and always the first to investigate new places and people.

She loves fuss and attention and is cheeky, funny and clever - she can open doors by pulling on their handles! She's also very laid back and easy going, with a big appetite - and it shows. Her adopters will need to work on helping her to shed her extra weight.

We will consider both indoor only homes and those with gardens for KitKat, and she could happily be homed in a pair or trio with one or two of her companions. Life for her adopter will not be dull with Kitkat around.