Kittens for Adoption

We still have some kittens available for adoption even though the peak kitten season - the period between spring and autumn - is now over.

Our kittens are ready to move into their new homes between 10-12 weeks of age and are adopted in pairs, or as companions to existing cats. This is because kittens require huge amounts of stimulation, guidance and attention throughout the day, and cannot be left alone for long periods - companion cats provide them with a little extra company.

We also ask that kittens adopted from us have access to a garden in a safe location, away from busy roads and via a cat flap, once they are of age and of course neutered. We do NOT home kittens to indoor only homes.

When adopting a young kitten from Catcuddles, you will sign a contract committing to neuter your kitten when he or she is four-five months of age, just before a female cats' first season, and we will follow up on this after adoption. This is so important because lack of neutering is the very reason that there are so many unwanted, homeless and neglected kittens in rescue centres in the first place, and so few homes for unwanted and abandoned older cats.

Shy Kittens

Often at CatCuddles we rescue stray kittens who were born outside, and as a result are very shy and unsure of people. They have had little to no experience with humans since birth and as a result, don't understand what our intentions are or whether we want to hurt them. After getting such kittens' healthy our volunteers get to work socialising them, teaching them that people mean no harm and just want to offer them fuss and treats! Nevertheless some may remain shy and really need a loving, forever home to teach them to trust over time, so that they can grow into affectionate, outgoing adult cats. Unlike kittens who have been around people since birth who are great with children, shy kittens usually need adult only homes or homes with older children only.

We love adopters willing to offer shy kittens such as these a chance, but of course have kittens of all temperaments available for adoption at this time of year.