Two year old Koko is a playful and outgoing Tortie girl who was spotted being offered as 'free to a good home' on a selling website by a CatCuddles volunteer.

Out of concern for her safety, the volunteer decided to foster Koko and find her a loving and suitable home through CatCuddles. 

Koko has what we call 'Tortie-tude'; she's bold and outgoing and it's quite obvious she'll be the boss in her new home. She's very friendly however and often kneads her foster carers' lap, purring like an engine, and enjoys lots of strokes and fuss. She has a real playful streak and loves her catnip mouse and to wrestle, andher adopters will need to be aware that she frequently attempts to play-fight with her human companions!

She's looking for a mainly indoor home but with a small outside space, such as a balcony or terrace that could be cat-proofed.