3 year old Kyla has had a very tough life, and is now in need of a very special, very understanding home. Her story is not unusual; she was likely abandoned or lost at a very young age, and, being unneutered, quickly became pregnant.

By the time CatCuddles got to her and her kittens, she had never had much human contact, and was petrified of people as a result, feeling the need to protect her babies against our well-meaning volunteers.

Now that Kyla's kittens are older and ready for adoption, she no longer feels that she needs to defend them and so has relaxed and warmed to our team considerably considerably. After being treated with nothing but kindness by our volunteers, she has also gained a little comfort and confidence around people. However, she is still very unsure of herself, though food can be quite effective in persuading her that our volunteers are not so bad! There is no doubt that she will continue to improve - we have crossed paths with many cats like Kyla over the years, and have seen most transform - however the process is going to be slow and there are no absolutes.

She needs to be in a loving home environment where she can be treated with endless kindness and endless patience, brought out of her shell one day at a time, pushed beyond her comfort zone very gradually as her adopter teaches her to enjoy being touched and played with. 

Finding such a person can be tricky. Kyla's adopter will need to be quite experienced, but more than anything, patient and understanding, with a huge heart. She is what we call a 'project cat' - an amazing transformation waiting to happen; if we can just find an amazing person up for this task.

And she deserves this, at the least - she is a very frightened girl purely because humans have failed her terribly in the past. Only a loving home can put things right.

Watch videos of Kyla.