Leo & Axel

Gorgeous pair Leo (Tabby, 15 yrs old) & Axel (Black, 8 yrs old) are great friends and looking for a new home together. They have always been indoor cats in a flat, and we are looking for a spacious indoor home for them. They came to Catcuddles after their owners' planned move abroad.

Leo acts younger than his 15 years; he is a great fan of climbing bookcases and wardrobes, and often plays with Axel. He also absolutely loves sleeping in a sunny spot, he is a real "solar powered cat". He is a calm and loving cat.

Axel is a vocal boy with plenty of energy who loves attention from his humans. He is very affectionate towards Leo. He can be timid in new situations but is generally a friendly, loving boy.

Both of them like to sleep near and/or on top of humans or each other. They will lay and sleep in a humans’ lap and are happy to be picked up.

Leo & Axel are looking for an indoor only home with no other pets. They are confident cats who could live in a family with calm older children.