Tipsy and Loki were born on a university campus in the north of England, where a lot of stray and street (rather than feral) cats end up. The local charity were lucky enough to TNR Mum and Dad when the kittens were around 8 weeks.  The cats were fed by staff and students, so brought up on a diet of pack lunches as well as cat food.  

Loki is approximately 12 weeks old, he is super friendly and loving, and very vocal at meal times.  He enjoys being picked up and shown things around the house, but will get bored if picked up "just" for cuddles!  He is quite small and would benefit from a little feeding up.

Loki is very sociable and is looking for his forever home, ideally he would be rehomed with one of his colony buddies or as a companion cat.

He will need to have outdoor access in a safe location, ideally a network of back gardens to explore away from busy roads. All our outdoor cats will need to have a catflap fitted at the back of the property within a month of adoption, as any cat going out will need a way to have easy access back into the home.