Lucky is a very special girl who has come to Catcuddles all the way from Dubai. She was originally an abandoned pet left fending for herself on the streets of Dubai. Some lovely people living in the area started feeding her, first outdoors, and then one of them rescued Lucky and brought her indoors. Unfortunately her rescuer’s resident cats were not happy with a new addition, and good homes for cats are in short supply in Dubai. Lucky’s rescuer has therefore generously arranged for her travel to the UK and Catcuddles so she can find her new loving forever home here in London.

Lucky is approx 4 years old and a beautiful calico/tricolour girl. She’s very sociable with people and loves attention and a lap to sit on. As she’s had to defend herself among other, sometimes hostile cats, on the streets, she’s cautious about other cats and needs a home where she’ll be the only pet.

With new people, once she realises she’s safe, she quickly shows her friendly side and starts purring. She’s a vocal cat who loves to ‘chat’.

Lucky would best suit a home with someone who is around a lot and loves spending a lot of time with a cat. As she’s had to struggle on the streets as a stray, she more than deserves a special home where she’ll be thoroughly spoiled and loved.

Lucky is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and in great health.

As Lucky is used to having outdoor access, we are looking for a home with safe garden access for her. Our preferred location would be a mid-terrace house backing onto other gardens so she would have a network of gardens to explore well away from roads. All cats adopted from us who have outdoor access are required to have a catflap fitted at the back of the property (before or within a month of adoption).