Mara & Montana - RESERVED

Mara & Montana are lovely older black kittens, born in June 2018. These girls were rescued along with other cats living in someone’s shed and gardens in London. As they hadn’t had much human contact in the early weeks of their life, they were initially shy.

The pair has now been in foster care with one of our volunteers for some weeks and they have made great progress. Mara in particular is now very sociable and loves to climb onto a lap and to be carried around in her fosterer’s arms. Montana is still shy but very gentle and slowly learning to trust humans and enjoy a fuss. Both girls are playful and full of energy as all kittens are!

These girls are looking for a forever home ideally as a pair with an experienced owner who is committed to continuing to work with them to help them blossom and gain in confidence. Both kittens are great with other cats and would also suit a home that already has a cat/cats.

Mara and Montana will need a home with outdoor access through a catflap once they are more confident and settled in their new home. We would prefer a very safe location for them, ideally in a terraced house backing onto with a network of gardens for them to explore.