Morgan, Maddy, Mason and Miles were born at a food processing plant in the North of England. As part of a Trap, Neuter and Release exercise all the adults were returned and the kittens taken in for socialisation and rehoming.

Beautiful Mason, is a real sweetie and loves being with humans. He very much loves being stroked and is also quite the chatty kitty. He isn’t easily spooked by unusual noises, except the dreaded hoover; he knows how scary that is! 

Mason is very sociable and is looking for his forever home, ideally he would be rehomed with one of his colony buddies or as a companion cat.

He will need to have outdoor access in a safe location, ideally a network of back gardens to explore away from busy roads. All our outdoor cats will need to have a catflap fitted at the back of the property within a month of adoption, as any cat going out will need a way to have easy access back into the home.