Meg is a beautiful long haired black & white girl. Aged approx 7, she has come to Catcuddles after the death of her previous owner. Meg was much loved by her owner and is now seeking a new forever home where she will be just as loved. 

She is a friendly, inquisitive cat who settled in at Catcuddles right away and was not shy or concerned about the new environment. She's affectionate and enjoys a fuss but is not a lap cat. 

Meg has never been able to jump very high and therefore has never jumped the fences to leave the garden at her previous home. Her mobility is otherwise fine and she can make smaller jumps with ease. She would be best suited to a home with a fenced garden where she could enjoy exploring the outdoors and sitting in the sun safely. 

Meg has often met a small cat-friendly dog who used to visit her home and was fine with that, she could therefore potentially live in a home with a calm dog. She could also live with older children if they are good with cats.