Merfy looks far younger than his 13 years and has a rather fetching goatee. He is such a friendly, easy going boy, allowing even new people to stroke him right away and vibrating wildly with purrs the entire time. He loves fuss and attention and could easily be someone's feline best friend, always by his adopters side.

In his previous home, Merfy unfortunately had repeated urinary issues such as cystitis, largely due to stress induced by the other cats he lived with. He's now on a specialised diet to reduce the chances of this recurring, which will need to be adhered to in his new home, but this is not too tricky - 'Urinary food' can be purchased online or at your nearest Pets At Home.

Merfy is also looking for a laid-back, stress free environment, an adult only home where he can be the only pet. A gentle soul, he's a very sensitive cat who needs a placid pace of life to match his personality. Though his adopters will need to keep an eye on him for any recurrence of urinary issues, a quiet home with minimal stress should keep his urinary health stable.

Merfy could be happy either with a safe garden, or in a spacious indoor home, perhaps with some small outside space such as a balcony. His man want is lots of company and love.