Minima (special needs)

Minima is a 5 month old ginger girl. She was rescued living as a stray in gardens along with a small group of other cats.

Minima has some issues with the joints in one of her back legs, causing a limp, thought to be related to a birth defect. This is currently being monitored by our vet’s - it is possible she will need the leg amputated if it does not improve with other treatment. Three-legged cats get around very well and can run, play and climb. However without the use of one of her back legs, Minima is not able to jump as high as other cats and therefore will be safest living in an indoor only home.

As Minima didn’t have much human contact when she was little, she is a slightly shy but after plenty of positive attention from our volunteers, has become a gentle and playful girl. She gets along very well with other cats and could therefore be adopted as a companion to a resident cat or cats.

Her special requirements and the ongoing treatment for her leg can be further discussed with the Catcuddles adoption team. Minima is looking for an adopter committed to looking after a special needs cat - ideally an experienced cat owner who also has the patience to teach Minima to trust and become more comfortable with humans after her less than ideal start in life living as a stray.

We are looking for an indoor-only home or potentially a home where the garden has been made completely escape proof (fenced with additional fence-top cat proofing fitted).