13 year old Moon is a big, fluffy teddy bear. He could not be more gentle, friendly or sweet; our volunteers adore him and he often climbs on their laps and snoozes there for hours at a time. He also has the biggest whiskers we have ever seen, and a magnificent mane of fur. It's impossible not to love this gentle giant.

Unfortunately, Moon recently had a spate of poor health,  suddenly developing renal disease. Though this can be managed with daily medication and a specialized diet in the long term, he is still recovering, regaining his appetite and his strength one day at a time, and he needs lots of monitoring and nursing. While CatCuddles oversee his ongoing veterinary treatment and recovery, we're looking at both adoptive homes and long term foster homes for him - someone willing to work with us to ensure he continues to get the best treatment available.

There is nothing more conducive to recovery than lots of love, and this sweet boy could not be a better patient; he is such a wonderfully loving and affectionate cat, opening your heart and home to him is nothing short of a pleasure.