Morty (FIV+)

Morty is a handsome black & white boy who was rescued living as an unneutered stray. He had a nasty abscess on the side of his neck, most likely the result of fighting with other unneutered toms.

He is only around 2 years old, and it is clear he has been someone’s pet as he is very sociable and friendly. As he wasn’t microchipped and no one has come forward, it isn’t possible to reunite him with his previous owners. Morty has now been neutered and his abscess has almost completely healed.

Morty also tested FIV positive. This is not uncommon for unneutered strays who get into fights. It should not affect his quality of life, however we recommend FIV+ cats live in indoor-only homes or have a completely secured/contained outdoor space as this will protect them from catching other infections outdoors. A catproofed balcony or courtyard would be ideal for Morty; otherwise, he would suit a spacious indoor home.

He has a great personality and bonds quickly with his human companions. He has been very tolerant of daily wound care and is generally affectionate and friendly with all our volunteers. Morty would make a wonderful companion for someone who can show him love and provide him all the care he needs, so he can forget about his days fending for himself on the streets as a stray.

You can read more about FIV on our website here.