Mrs Mop

Mrs. Mop is a 16 year old girl with a firey, outgoing personality - she has plenty of spark despite her senior years! Like her friend Syd, when she came into the care of the charity she was in very poor health, with multiple untreated conditions and virtually no fat on her body, and at first, we didn't believe she could recover.

After lots of vet treatment, regular medication and general nourishment and care however, she looks more healthy every day and has gradually become more active; these days she bosses our volunteers about, demanding attention and food!  A team member started calling her Mrs. Mop on the first day she arrived, and it has stuck. Even then, when she was very weak and must have been in extreme discomfort, she never stopped purring; her strength and will to survive has really astounded all of our volunteers and we think she's such a special girl;

Mrs. Mop does have some ongoing health issues as a result of her poor condition upon arrival; a tendency to collect fluid in her abdomen, and a heart condition. Both are controlled with medication which Mrs. Mop will need to be on every day for the rest of her twilight years, in addition to being given lots of comfort, peace, warmth, and fuss! She needs an experienced adult only home, with someone who feels comfortable keeping on top of her health and helping her regain her strength, and we're also willing to consider long-term foster homes for her.

We hope there is a very special, understanding home out there for this amazingly resilient, deserving lady.