Nabilla & Percy (RESERVED)

Nabilla is a very shy young girl who gave birth to her kittens in a London garden. They are her second litter as sadly the first perished, something that is not uncommon among stray kittens, and another reason why neutering is so important.

Nabilla has spent much of her life on the streets and so is quite nervous and unsure of new people as a result. She needs someone with patience and understanding to gain her trust gradually, in a loving home environment. We know that such big-hearted, selfless people are in short supply in the world, but hope there is one out there willing to transform Nabilla's life. It has not been easy so far.

Nabilla's kittens have now all been reserved except for Percy, a Tabby boy who is rambunctious, mischievous and interested in absolutely everything. He has always been the bravest and most active of all his siblings, ever keen to explore, play and interact. All kittens require huge amounts of supervision and attention and this is particularly true of adventurous Percy! He will need an existing cat or kitten as a companion and could potentially be homed with his mum Nabilla. He will also need access to a garden in a safe location once he is of age and of course neutered.

Watch a video of Nabilla & Kittens here.