Nana & Leo

Nana (Female, Black & White) and Leo (Tabby, male) are two very well-rounded, sociable and active young cats, who are looking for a home together with a garden to explore. They are approximately one and a half years old. 

When they first arrived, Nana and Leo were very shy and unsure of themselves, but as they have gotten to know their foster carer they have become increasingly friendly, playful and outgoing. They love human company and a rambunctious game with a shoe lace or dangly toy.

Nana in particular absolutely loves Dreamies and has been known to climb up volunteers to get to them in the past! They are very closely bonded and often wrestle together, pouncing on one another. Leo is a little more independent than his sister, who will occasionally sit on the lap of a person she's bonded with, but both are friendly and affectionate and eager for their new lives to start.