Nana & Leo

Newly arrived youngsters Nana (Black & White) and Leo (Tabby) are shy but gentle, in need of some confidence but nevertheless responsive to being stroked and never grumpy despite their shyness.

At 18 months old, this pair have the potential to become great companion cats if they can just gain some confidence; underneath their shyness they are very friendly. 

At present they are prone to hiding in their cubby hole but are happy to be stroked inside of it and they gradually emerge the longer our volunteers sit with them, stroking them gently and reassuring them that they are safe. Leo in particular has taken to darting in and out quickly to look out of the window of his suite - he really wants to see what is going on outside, but isn't brave enough to look for too long yet!

After a couple of weeks in a loving home, with stability and consistency, the pair would realise that no-one is going to hurt them, and begin to become bolder and more outgoing. They're a transformation waiting to happen; they just need a great home, with adopters willing to offer them some patience and persistence.

Watch videos of Nana & Leo.