Nikki is a very friendly and pretty eight year old girl, who sadly found herself in need of a new home after the death of her owner. For a brief period whilst she was without a proper carer, she was living almost entirely outside. Now safe with a CatCuddles fostering volunteer, she's looking for fresh start with a loving adoptive family, who can offer her a garden to explore.

Like most tortoiseshell cats, Nikki is confident and outgoing. She is purry, affectionate and happy to be stroked, enjoying having her stomach rubbed in particular. She also seems to like her weekly grooming session, and loves snoozing in the sun. She has an independent streak however, being more than capable of entertaining herself if needed. We feel she would fit quite happily with a working couple or person.

One of Nikki's favourite and most entertaining hobbies is giving 'massages; kneading her foster carer franctically whilst purring (watch a video of this here). She is an all round easy cat to befriend and love, and she also has the most adorable pink nose.