An accident that occurred many years ago left 16 year old Ollie with three legs, but cats are amazingly adaptive and Ollie is a perfect example of this - he gets around just fine. He is also one of the most laid back cats that we've ever met and began munching on some treats almost immediately after arriving at his foster placement, seemingly unconcerned about his change in surroundings. 

Ollie's easy going nature reveals few clues about the difficulties he has endured in recent months. After his elderly owner died, Ollie was left in her house, being visited just once a day by family members for feeding. This is a lonely existence for such a sociable cat, especially so late in his life, and so CatCuddles help was sought with rehoming Ollie. Now we're hoping to find him a retirement home so that he can enjoy his remaining years to the fullest extent. 

Ollie is in good health, though he does have a little trouble grooming himself and will need to be brushed daily. He enjoys being stroked, enjoys his food, and enjoys finding comfy spots to nap in. His peaceful energy is infectious, and having him lay by your side, snoozing and appreciating the occasional stroke, is a true pleasure. But he is still capable of bouts of energy, and string toys have him rolling on his back, batting wildly with his one front paw. 

Ollie would be happy both in an indoor home, or one with some safe outside space. He is not a demanding boy, and just wants company, a warm bed and a full bowl. He's such a sweet, sociable cat who has spent far too much time alone in recent months, and it's about time his new life in a loving home began.

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