Panda is a new arrival at Catcuddles.
He was rescued living as an unneutered stray after a kind person from the neighbourhood got in contact with us after noticing he was looking scruffy and battle-scarred.

Panda has now been neutered and had a health check. His rather sore looking nose is likely the result of getting into fights with other cats - not unusual for unneutered toms. He is estimated to be around 2 years old and is generally in good health. His coat will soon look gleaming white again, and good quality food he’s now getting will help him gain weight.

Underneath his tough exterior, Panda is a very gentle and affectionate cat. He has settled in well and is very tolerant when our volunteers clean and groom his coat. He’s really a lovely boy and would make a wonderful friend for someone.

It’s clear Panda has had to fend for himself for some time but he’s now ready to find a loving forever home of his own where he’ll be looked after for the rest of his life.

We are looking for a home with outdoor access for Panda; he would love to have a garden network to explore. All cats with outdoor access adopted from us will need to have a catflap installed at the back of the property within a month of adoption.