Pixie & Patch

Pixie & Patch are 9 year old siblings looking for a new home together due to children in their previous home suffering from cat allergies. 

Pixie, a female calico, is the more confident of the pair. Patch, a long haired white & black male, is slightly shy in new situations. Both are very calm and loving cats who love a fuss and especially Pixie loves a cuddle. Patch likes to flop on the floor and enjoys a tummy rub, while Pixie loves climbing onto a lap - she has been making the most of cuddle time with our volunteers, as seen in the photos! 

They are used to going out into the garden although never wandered far. They are looking for a home with safe garden access through a cat flap into the back garden. 

This pair have lived with babies and children and are very good and gentle with children, as long as the children know how to respect their boundaries. They would make lovely family cats in a house with a garden.