Pumpkin (special needs cat)

A special rehoming appeal for Pumpkin – a senior cat with severe skin allergies

We’re looking for a very special adopter for Pumpkin. Her current family want to find her the perfect home; if nothing better than her current home is found, they will keep her.

Pumpkin is a 10 year old tortie girl who suffers from severe skin disease caused by multiple allergies. This has caused her to overgroom and required extensive investigations and tests at the vet’s. She also suffers from feline hyperesthesia and is on medication for this.

Despite this, Pumpkin remains a very sweet, friendly girl who absolutely loves human company. She is very much a lap cat and will sit for hours on a lap if given the chance. She also likes cuddles and will settle down in your arms and purr under your chin until she’s too heavy to hold anymore. If she’s extra pleased to see you she might give you a little kiss on the cheek. She especially likes if you carry her around the house to look at new things.

Pumpkin is looking for a home that meets all the following criteria:
- an indoor home as the only cat (which is what she’s been used to all her life)
- an owner who is at home a lot; ideally someone working from home permanently or someone (semi) retired 
- a home with minimal soft furnishings; as a minimum no carpets – as dust, mites and mould make her allergies worse
- someone who is willing to put in the time and money needed to find the right solution to her skin problems, which can include more frequent trips to the vet than most cats would require. She is well behaved at the vet and although noisy in the car, will travel well for short distances.

Pumpkin currently lives in East London. She could be adopted in London or further away if the perfect home is found. All Catcuddles’ usual adoption criteria and a home visit will apply.

The special person who becomes Pumpkin’s forever human will be rewarded with love and friendship from their new furry best friend. Pumpkin’s current family took her on after previous owners surrendered her at a vet’s and both her family and we at Catcuddles want to ensure anyone adopting her will be in a position to absolutely commit to offering Pumpkin a home for the rest of her life. Rescuing a cat like Pumpkin will be an extremely rewarding experience for the right person and, Catcuddles will always be by your side for advice.