Ralph is ten years old and has diabetes, and was rehomed when his former owner found herself struggling to manage his condition. This health complication is about the only aspect of Ralph's character that is demanding, however - personality wise he is content with little more than some company, two meals a day and a comfy place to sleep.

He is lazy, laid back and enjoys a quiet pace of life, and despite his huge size could not be more gentle, friendly and good-natured. He is a little timid around new people, but warms to them fast when treated kindly - pretty much a real life teddy bear.

He will occasionally engage in a little bit of lazy play, but really he just wants to lay next to someone and be stroked. He sometimes mews or gently places one huge, fluffy paw on the nearest person to get attention. It goes without saying that he's also a stunning cat - pictures don't do justice to how magnificent his long ginger coat is.

He's looking for an indoor only home with an easy-going atmosphere to match his easy going personality, with an experienced adopter capable of administering his insulin twice daily by injection (morning and evening), and monitoring his blood-glucose levels where needed. His diet of high-protein wet will also need to be kept to a careful daily schedule, so an individual who is away from home for long periods each day may not be the best fit for Ralph.

This may sound daunting to some, but once you get into the swing of things, it becomes very manageable, though an adopter with lots of cat experience and a dedicated attitude is obviously preferred. Someone who has cared for a cat or even a person with diabetes previously would be absolutely ideal. He is certainly worth the effort and would make a wonderful friend to the right person!