Roary is a special boy who was rescued as a stray and taken to a local vet’s. They contacted us at Catcuddles to help Roary find the loving forever home he deserves.

Roary is microchipped but his owners have not been traced; it is very likely Roary has lived as stray for quite some time and it is impossible to know why this lovely boy has ended up on the streets on his own. He is 10 years old. A kind lady took him to the vet’s as it was obvious he was not well.

It was found Roary has hyperthyroidism, a condition that makes the thyroid glad overactive and causes weight loss and other symptoms. He is now taking twice daily medication (in his food) and he is already doing much better; he is bright and happy and enjoying home comforts and affection in his temporary foster home after struggling on the streets for so long. Hyperthyroidism can very successfully be controlled with medication and cats can have many healthy, happy years living with this condition that is very common in senior cats.

Roary is a very sociable boy. He is sweet and loves attention. He is confident with new people and likes a fuss. He also enjoys being brushed. His fosterer describes him as a very bright and relaxed cat.

In terms of his hyperthyroidism, he is on liquid thyronorm twice a day which he eats in his food, he is also on Frusemide (to keep his heart healthy) once a day which he takes in a little treat. His adopter would need to be financially comfortable to cover the cost of medication and regular blood tests to monitor Roary’s health, and willing to commit to giving him medication in food twice a day. He would repay his adopter a thousandfold in love, loyalty and affection.

He has a slightly enlarged heart, most likely due to having untreated hyperthyroidism for a long time, and occasionally has a cough. Otherwise he is in good health and likely to improve further as the thyroid levels come down to normal range with medication. He tested negative for FIV/FeLV. Roary also had a dental performed, and of course a full health check. He was already neutered when he was rescued.

Roary is a wonderful boy and would make a wonderful friend for someone who is willing and able to make the commitment to a cat with an existing health condition that will require lifelong treatment and monitoring. Roary would either suit a home with outdoor access in a safe location - a network of back gardens away from busy roads - or could potentially live in an indoor home with a catproofed balcony or similar small, safe outside space. We would also consider purely indoor only homes if the home otherwise meets Roary’s needs.

Roary is currently in a foster home in Bexleyheath DA7 area (SE London/Kent borders).